mending a friendship

for Charlie routing earth for ants, our quarry a queen, it was as if the air turned to petals and buzzings of bees, each of us sweet and industrious in the bright breaks between rain earlier, we'd paused for the low darts of the swallows … Continue reading mending a friendship


June crows

four crows in the June grass watch me watching them from my bright blanket, while the fifth plucks sprigs of blooms from the chestnut an all-at-once wind teases white petals into yellow light - a sudden floral flotilla and the fifth crow flies with one, … Continue reading June crows

sunset on Puget Sound

the sun unraveled, spooled itself into the Sound as if it needed something to fall into at the last I imagine startled fish - their silver suddenly gold, a splash of unexpected flash © Sarah Whiteley

I go out

I go out, and come back - to the low voices of everyday concrete saying stay, voices that are each time fainter I go out, and come back - in sun, in mist, in rain - and each time the tether is less, and closer … Continue reading I go out

the hummingbird

how the hummingbird knew I would deliver him is unclear and somewhat miraculous the flash at his throat reminded me of you - that gleam before the deeper hours of night descend how true that some longings can never be emancipated © Sarah Whiteley