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out of time

we were, for a time, each other’s clocks – the tick-ticking of our fingers apart, counting the breaths before between until – until 2 AM yearning strikes, hungry as bells on Sunday – and we unwind, reset, sweep the seconds from our faces, cheeks to shoulders for a minute how I swallowed every moment, even … Continue reading

Photography / Poetry

this is where I begin to feel the pull of other roads and if I lose you in the unwinding – still, it is better than the knots of not leaving there is a necessity now to disentanglement and that yellow blaze down the middle is not the regret we expect – but only the … Continue reading

uncommon company
Miscellaneous / Poetry

uncommon company

uncommon company comes cawing -purple gracing black- knocks politely on the wood, awaits his morning snack ****Crow Update**** It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these and perhaps it’s overdue? Coyote and his mate (now called Magda) had no surviving offspring from the spring’s hatch. There’s really no telling what happened but I … Continue reading