wayfarer without alignment
no direction is misdirection
one foot before the other
again, again, again
simply for the sake
of pacing out the years
no sky-map of constellations
for starry guidance
nor compass for pointing
toward your worth

wanderer without purpose
no reason is unreason
one mile after the other
one more, one more, one more
if only for the action
of moving forward to forget
no sea-worthy sextant
for marking the longitudes
nor chart for scribing
your passage

I wish for you a worthy rest
and dreams that recall
(tears subtracted)
we loved, we loved, we loved
my ship has marked another
brighter horizon as home
with heartfelt farewell
I leave to you your freedom
and your memories
of our days beside the sea

© Sarah Whiteley


3 thoughts on “adrift

  1. I have been on this sea,
    and know the ship’s passage.

    This is thoughtfully realised in verse so beautifully crafted; it is a vivid reminder.

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