how these veins
these quiet bones
feel your absence
sharp and silent
as the pines
that slice the night
alone I embrace
the grace of the moon
the cold comfort of stars
this sky is my goodbye
for the dreamer
who finds rest
within another’s night

© Sarah Whiteley


4 thoughts on “valediction

  1. I have found your poetry blog, ebbtide, aka Sarah Whiteley. I’m so glad you commented on my haiku, which led me here!

    Putting yours in the blogroll now, and I look forward to visiting here from time to time.

  2. I didn’t mention before, hopefully I’m not repeating myself… I noticed on your comment on my blog that you are not “linking back.”

    Go to the “My Account” menu, at the top left of dashboard. Then scroll down to “Edit Profile.” From there, go down to the “website” field and type in the full address of ebbtide, including the http stuff, and save it. (if you want to link back of course)

    Then, when you comment, your name will be a clickable link back to your blog. It helps other bloggers visit your site easily!

    And if I already told you this, oops… 🙂

  3. This, for me, is a touching piece and breathtaking piece …

    “sharp and silent as the pines”

    “the sky is my goodbye”

    Beautiful phrases.

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