one step closer

I do not inhabit this place
though I walk the rooms
shake out the sheets
and chase the dust
from the corners
where it congregates
every time I look away
this strange floor feel
beneath bare feet
even my toes know
it is not home
without worn wood
and moldings older
than I
once more
the partitioning of boxes
the categorizing of myself
and what can be stored
which pieces I need
in order to breathe
one step closer
one floor nearer
to home

© Sarah Whiteley


  1. love the word “congregates”..and you know? im in the real estate business and this would be a perfect poem for some sort of marketing piece 😉 i do think poetry has a place in any given profession.



  2. I must agree with Pearl this is just a beautiful poem..the last stanza reminded me of when I moved out to SoCal…seeing my life in boxes with the appropriate label on them…thanks for this poem!



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