I liked the aloneness
of those days
my thoughts had room
to stretch
and test the edges
of the paper
without the wired
that criss-cross
shared spaces
ideas could breathe
through windows wide
breezes shimmering
along the clean edges
of solitude
a quiet corner
misses the comfort
of our companionship
in spite of the mud-dashed
traps between
but for now
my hand would prefer
the peace of apart
and the aloneness
of words

© Sarah Whiteley


9 thoughts on “

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. Funny that the same lines that glittering quoted above are the ones that spoke the most to me too. Many times in my life I’ve been held back by what others would think of my words…who am I to say…but I hope you’ll be braver than I am in this regards in expressing yourself as you need. 🙂

  2. Really enjoyed this poem…there is freedom in the solitude of that white sheet of paper and no one around to judge its merit before it is really ready to be fully unveiled.

  3. “So hard to stay in one place
    Forgot how I’d forgotten how to love
    And remembering to feel
    Only makes me want to run
    So hard to stay in one place
    But here I am
    Still here in this place
    With you.”

  4. I am so captured as a reader by your lyrical, short lines. Have you read Kay Ryan’s work? I am sure you have. She has a different, more straightforward, conversational delivery but shares the affinity for the short line. Just beautifully done.

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