Seattle spring

green is slow in coming
and I am nostalgic
for aimless tripping
through greenhouses
and salt-scented air
hinting of fish
and far-floating drifts
of sea-bound-weed
for a few weeks
lilacs will tint the breeze
with fondness
and daffodils blaze
the beginning
of evening treks
under rain-tipped magnolias
on moss-covered walks
past the sweet molasses
coffee air of the donut shop
I do not think
I would mind
the bickering of starlings
were spring and I there
in the same city air

© Sarah Whiteley


  1. I have not commented on this poem, yet. It’s a poetic panorama of Seattle! 🙂 I’ve never been there, but you really take us, as gimble said, “through the senses.”

    And I notice that Ebbtide is now uniformly displaying as one word. It’s good.



    1. I’m glad you like it… Seattle is home for me in a way that no place ever has been before and I miss it… I think I was taking myself there just as much as the reader.

      Yup – consolidated Ebb and Tide into Ebbtide officially. When I first signed up for the blog, I think I was still deciding about its persona. And even though Ebbtide is technically two words, I like the flow of the single word better. Call it artistic license. 🙂



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