Aruban Rest

tonight it is soft delight
to slide into a slumber
cradled by tradewinds
no sheep to tally sleep
here the lizards are the dreamkeepers
and the sugar-thieving chibichibi
share the sweetness of the day
with the deep Caribbean night
blue kododos watch the hours
slip in wisps beneath a driftwood moon
the sea whispers of wandering
and tends to vagrant heads
whose dreams dive with the stars
into waters deeper than sleep
until the blue surge rises
brilliant in the Aruban light
the waiting fronds blow hello
to the turquoise morning
and waking toes burrow content
a half-inch deep in the heat
of the sun-polished sands
of one happy island

© Sarah Whiteley


  1. OMG you are torturing me a little bit! It’s a sublime torture, though. I guess I ask for it by visiting Ebb Tide, where siren poet Sarah lurks, waiting and writing such amazing poetry, to lure me in. And of course this poesy of the high seas calls the trades to carry me to Aruba, far from the present world that seeks to imprison my soul…

    I long to sit by the sea, gazing at the driftwood moon… I now know there is a driftwood moon… hopefully the lizards will keep these dreams alive.

    As you can tell, this poem set my sailing ship in motion. Usually it has a heading for the Marquesas on the Pacific trades. But you sent me in a different direction with this poem.



    1. Marquesas. Aruba. Wherever it is your heart finds rest and refuge… we all need a place like this. I’m glad I could at least temporarily transport you.



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