1. Hello there, Sarah! Nice to meet you.
    Thanks for stopping by and dropping me a note.

    It is the rainy season. No doubt!
    What kind of birds were you seeing in this one?

    Whilst I was wondering, I thought of this.
    Hope you don’t mind me sharing it with you.

    Peace! Uncle Tree



    1. I was watching the starlings fly home when I was writing. Not my favorite birds, but they’ll do. 🙂 Thanks for the song – I’ve always enjoyed that one.



  2. hi sarah,

    the poem came quite as symbolical to me. who would not miss the rain, im here in the desert near the seashore watching some seabirds fly into the vastness of the persian gulf.

    hope you well,



  3. “the transitory gleam
    of reaching home”

    loved it. somehow it resonates of homecoming, of how we all strive to come back into the similar realms of home after all our experiences, journeys, after the sun sets and the night night begins to fall like silent rain…



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