I have officially sent out my first submission for consideration. I have no grand illusions of success. Afterall, this is a first attempt. And I sent it off to a very lofty height indeed – one bound to end in a thump. My poor, poor cover letter sat relatively naked, with no prior publication credentials whatsoever with which to clothe it… I imagine other cover letters will point and laugh.

But there it is. I’ve sent it. My first real try at serious publication and I’m proud of myself for taking the step. And I’ll try very hard to remind myself of that when the inevitable thump comes.


  1. Contratulations…the road to getting publish can be long and painful to the ego…but if one never tries they will always wonder “what if?”…Best wishes!



  2. sarah,

    if you will not try now, you’ll never succeed tomorrow. there’s no harm in trying, more so, if your materials are worth publishing. i’ll support you on this.

    all the best.



  3. Congratulations. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you (well, apart from when I want to eat or drag them through my hair).



  4. As they say in Wales, “gras fyddo a chwi”, which I believe is Welsh for “Grace be with you”, although I should note my command of Welsh is no better than my command of English.



  5. Let’s hope that it’s not a thump. But I know you have to prepare yourself against certain possibilities. I’m glad you’ve launched your submissions boat.

    I don’t really do it, but as someone who works in the realm of academia, I certainly know plenty who do. And I know that to a certain extent this is a numbers game. That’s what the studio art faculty tell me. You can’t know what all the “standards” are, and all of the variables, etc.

    I hope you will do this – and not take any of it really personally. I’ve worked in the gallery for many years now, and seen how the jurors pick various shows. It’s not poetry, but it’s not that different, I think.

    So, you just keep submitting and submitting.

    Good luck, Sarah!!!



  6. Thank you again for your feedback, and (as far as your subject here is concerned), a few friendly words from a fellow active writer:

    If you get 1 piece accepted out of 20 submissions you are doing better than 95% of writers out there. It is the norm to have your work accepted and the rare to have it accepted, no matter how good it is (or how good you think it is).

    I keep a journal of submitted work (where I submitted it, what the award or payoff is, what I’ve submitted, when they are going to contact me, and what the outcome was). I keep this for a few reasons: 1. I have a horrid memory, 2. I can see quickly where I’ve submitted before and try again, and 3. So that whenever another writer is feeling down from a rejection I can show them the journal.

    Looking at it now, I’ve got 3 accepted pieces out of 40 or 50 submissions. That’s not bad at all. I’m rather proud of it.

    I had a writing professor who told me that she sent her work to some of the biggest names even though she was sure she wouldn’t be published. Her reasoning: It makes me feel like more of a writer, and it’s great to be rejected by ‘the best’.

    Good for you in submitting your work, now keep at it!



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