the gypsy

the mind of a wanderer
the heart of the road
she pulls at the strings
of the violin’s soul
feet beat the earth
with the heat of a sun
pulse set ablaze
by night’s primal hum
she moves to the keen
of sweet gypsy strings
hips wrapped in hair
like black-feathered wings
she careens through the trees
under unbounded night
riding the winds
in rampant delight
the song of the road
feeds the flame on her lips
and the call of the crow
is a wanderer’s kiss
the feet of a gypsy
dance a feral refrain
with the fire of a freedom
no walls can contain

© Sarah Whiteley


7 thoughts on “the gypsy

  1. my gosh, that is just so beautiful. have been listening to shakira’s gypsy lately and this expresses that whole idea all over again. such an amazing piece!!

    “she pulls at the strings
    of the violin’s soul”

    ahhh that is real music (:

  2. Lovely, very well written.
    (And it reminds me of my painting ‘The Charmer’ as I had stuff like this going through my mind while I was doing it.)

  3. The gypsy’s carefree, liberating and uninhibited lifestyle seems to rhythmically flow with nature.

    Great job describing the appealing gypsy’s musical invitation 🙂

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