eyes collide
and I fall
as rain on pavement
your hands
were not meant
to tease arpeggios
upon the curves
of my want
nor your mouth
compose adagios
soft and warm
upon my longing
yet imagined fingers
and shadows
of the tangles
of sweet heat
we could weave
leave me useless
as puddled desire
upon unrelenting cement

© Sarah Whiteley


7 thoughts on “

  1. I do love the musical metaphors in this poem, Sarah… It’s another beautiful composition – has the layering and rhythmic word play that you weave so effectively together into your magic spells.

  2. “Any time I say I love you. My mouth is a rictus smile. Pained stretching of my lips into the feigned happiness you expect. The words gurgle forth. From the expected depths. I feel nothing. But it allows the next fuck. So I speak it with fervor…”

  3. As stated, the musical references within the poem tie the metaphors together quite beautifully. When one thinks of playing an arpeggiation, especially on a guitar, the shape of a curve or a wave comes to mind. There are so many inferences to be drawn from just one line of your poetry, and yet, it is neither dense nor hidden in intent. It is as though the entire poem exudes a forbidden attraction, in which both individuals know the consequences but are swallowed by the inexplicable desire of their hearts. The poem conjures images of a painful, or even scandalous reunion between old lovers, where pain and love’s forgiveness commingle. They kiss slowly – the adagio of passion. Then the inevitable heartbreak. Beautiful work – Sincerely, Thomas.

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