wanderer’s refrain

in delight
we paint the dark
from night descending
and fold tomorrow
into the tide
wandering feet
forget to dream
of horizons
other than home
and words
beat as moths
against the light
of the breath
from your lips
pull the roads
right out my heart
and startle the stars
down from the sky
the moon forgets to rise
feathers forget to fly
but I –
I recall the shine
of our limitless mind
and the shadow
we cast over time
over space
over these words
of mine

© Sarah Whiteley


    1. As I’m writing, I usually hear my voice in my head as if I were reading it aloud… this one in particular. One of these days I will get a soundbite posted with a piece…



  1. What a marvelous and beautiful poem…I so love your writing…haven’t been keeping up with all my readings of late…odds and ends problems..but shall attempt to keep up with your site’s wonderful words.



  2. simply breath-taking poem. i can feel your heart’s flight in the night in its lightness like feather. only a heart that is not troubled can pen the pure words as ecstastic as this. what a wonderful gift of words you had.



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