moved unmoving

let me be silent
as the stones
that mark the line
between earth
and air
and sea
let me rest
with purpose
cool intent
edges smoothed
by time
and tide
and there
let me watchful wait
for two shores
that never meet
cold kissed
by rain
be still
be small
be awake
to all
moved unmoving
let the waves
curl and call
and the air
moisten and fall
be as stones
and feel it all

© Sarah Whiteley


  1. The imagery of this poem is strikingly somber and yet beautiful. The meter and syntax is simple and effective; it reads as though if one were to listen carefully enough to the waves crashing against the shoreline, the lines of this poem would be whispered there.



  2. Love this one — your words and the line breaks create a rhythm that pulls and lulls the reader onward — mimicking the pulse of the natural world that the speaker says they want to be a part of. This might be one of my favorites 🙂



  3. I really enjoy the rhythm of this piece. The gentle wash of action and now relaxation/reflection works wonderfully. Admittedly I had a wonderful picture in my mind of sitting back on a deck, sipping a cocktail and enjoying the sunset on a day of accomplishment. Lovely.



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