tied to sky

it matters not
to what, to whom,
to where I am bound
I am bound
as pinned to this earth
as unturned stone
freedom is as fleeting
as an insomniac’s dream
but had you asked
just yesterday
to what I am bound
I would have replied
to no thing
for you touched me
and for a moment
I was tied to sky

© Sarah Whiteley


  1. I’ve felt like this for several months now. Thanks for bringing a tear to my eye. I love the words you use as well. Gives me something to aspire to.



    1. thank you… I wrote this as a sort of reminder to myself that even when things seem tough, there are always moments of such exhilaration, that it makes everything worthwhile again



  2. Lovely, Sarah. “you touched me/ and for a moment/ I was tied to sky” Beautiful imagery containing all the meaning that is needed.



  3. wow. enjoying browsing through your work in this blog… so much worth reading here.. this one especially caught my attention… just love the idea of being “tied to sky”… or better yet, how that might happen.




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