The Longish Stylish Blog Award Post

Blog awards. As a general rule, I don’t participate. Why? Well, it’s a complicated mix of reasons really. While it’s a lovely gesture (really, it is) when someone points to your little space on the internet and declares this here is worth reading, I am of the mind that a well-worded comment and an added link on a fellow blogger’s sidebar is a much more weighty compliment than an award which (let’s face it) feels a little silly to accept as there are usually little hoops and hurdles attached to it. But I think it also depends upon who is doing the awarding. Is this someone who posts a new award on their blog every week? Someone whose excessive enthusiasm over the event is a shade comical? Or is this someone whose work you admire in return? Is this someone, in other words, who adds heft and meaning to the gesture?

In the case of Val, the answer is most certainly the latter. And as I know she has a somewhat similar view of blog awards, I know she won’t mind if I bend (break) the “rules” and do this my own way. (Val, looks as if we’re both a couple of rule-breakers.)

The important part is for me to thank Val. If you haven’t had the good fortune to stumble across her little space on the internet, do so. Val is a wonderfully talented artist with such beautiful insights and bits and bobs to impart that I am never disappointed by a visit to her space. She’s lively, and funny, and holds more wisdom than she gives herself credit for. And keep an eye out for visits from her feathered friends, which I greatly envy her for. Living in the city relegates me to pigeons and the like and her experiences are always a lovely vicarious adventure for me. So thank you, Val!

So this is where I’m supposed to share 7 things about myself. But I’m holding off on that part until the end of the post. Why? Because I’d rather skip to the next part, which is where I really break rules. I’m to offer this same award to 5 other bloggers I’ve recently discovered. Well I’m not going to. But here’s what I am going to do…

5 Wonderful Blogs & Why You Should Visit Them

1. a haiku poet – Rob strings together such beautiful images and thoughts and I look forward to his haiku each time he posts. It takes real talent to conform to the haiku form and do it so beautifully. (I’ve tried it myself and failed miserably.) He is most definitely worth checking out.

2. Laz Freedman’s Poetry Blog – What can I say about Laz’s pieces? He’s a minimalist after my own heart – short, sometimes startling revelations – it amazes me that he can convey so much into so few words. Go. Read. Be amazed.

3. Spitalfields Life – I became enamored of this blog upon first click. Each post is a wonderful snapshot, often a history lesson (which I love), and is full of lovely photographs and such character… I really cannot say enough about it, but I think it’s best to let the posts speak for themselves…

4. runaway sentence – This one’s a relatively fresh discovery for me. Or rather, Marian discovered me and I discovered her as a result. Her work has such a wonderful, FRESH quality to it and I am so pleased I found something so lovely to read. I definitely look forward to reading more from her.

5. Hames – Each piece tells a story – a rich, often compelling story. I usually find myself reading each one twice, three times, picking out those lines that sing true to the human spirit. It’s so easy to be drawn into the poem, that you wonder why some people think reading poetry is “work”…

Each of the above five blogs are such rich offerings and are deserving of recognition. If you find a connection with even just one of the above, then this (incredibly lengthy) post has done its job.

Okay, okay… on to the 7 things about me. (I can see you’re all on tenterhooks, so here goes…)

1. I am a total caffeine junkie. I love my coffee so much I may as well declare a full-on relationship with it. Every morning, I look forward to that first wonderful sip of whatever concoction my barista has whipped up. I have my everyday standbys and then I have my absolute favorite which is only available (seemingly) at one place. And if that place ever closes, I shall probably weep and spend a month writing odes to the loss of my favorite latte. So you see – caffeine junkie. But only the “primo” stuff.

2. Sunday is my birthday. That’s it – nothing profound there. Just one more year under my belt. No candles please – I have this horrid fear of my hair catching on fire.

3. My favorite book is Jane Eyre. I was hooked from the moment I swiped it off my mother’s bookshelf when I was 13 and I’ve re-read it every couple of years ever since.

4. I believe in ghosts. Although I’m not ready to admit anyone knows what they actually are. I just believe there’s something there. Don’t ask me to relate why – I’ve never told anyone that and have no plans to do so.

5. I’ve chosen the music I want played at my funeral. Is that odd? I have no idea, really. Have you? Or does this make me singularly macabre? I just love the piece – it’s so beautiful and uplifting and I want people to think of me in that way in that moment. (Quit looking at me like I’m batty now.)

6. I hate book clubs. With a passion. Don’t get me wrong here – I love reading and I love sharing a good book with someone else. But the moment you sit down and start to dissect the thing and try to shove meaning into the smallest passages, it ruins it for me. Completely ruins it. Reading is such a wonderful escape and the last thing I want to do is sit there with a group of people (who usually think very differently from myself) and listen to a good book being murdered. Yes, I said murdered.

7. I love autumn. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard things like “I couldn’t live in Seattle – I’d miss the seasons changing.” But autumn here is gorgeous. The trees and the color of the light and those last enjoyable days before the cool and damp set in… so stunning. It never fails to take my breath away (and give it back again).

Well that’s it. And probably the lengthiest post you’ll ever see from me. Go on about your business now and I’ll go on about mine – finding something beautiful in each and every day.


14 thoughts on “The Longish Stylish Blog Award Post

  1. what!
    so i’ll confess that i keep up with you via my blogroll. and just now i exclaimed oh! a new poem from ebbtide!
    and look what you have done. thank you.
    i have no idea what all this award stuff means, but i am honored to have attracted your attention, let alone enough that you are telling others. whew!
    so then i will just say, i’m glad i found you, entirely because you write so beautifully. this is a very nice and completely unexpected pile of rainbow sprinkles on top.

    1. piles of rainbow sprinkles… love it!

      I’m always pleased to run across someone new to read and I instantly liked your writing, so it just seemed fitting to point in your direction.

      And isn’t Jane Eyre just the best?? If you haven’t seen the preview for the movie coming out in March, check it out. Looks like it will be a faithful adaptation (crossing fingers).

  2. Happy birthday for Sunday and – very many thanks for taking part in this and for the mention, Sarah! I’m looking forward to checking out the other people whose blogs you’ve linked to (though I already know some of their blogs).

    I can’t say I blame you for not wanting to get into the whole ‘blog award’ stuff because really it’s just a way of making connections with people and a particulary ‘inorganic’ way at that. I like to link to people but usually prefer to do it when I feel like it, and I like to tell people things about myself also in my own time. I find these awards rather unnatural, rather forced. But the angle of them that most gets me down is having to abide by other people’s rules! Also – to choose just a few people out of many is difficult and probably verging on unethical!

    Anyway… I’ve never been a member of a book club but if you transpose this to poetry groups I feel the same way. I hate having to analyse poems, to me they either work or they don’t, they either reach one or they don’t. Yours do, I’m very happy to say – both work and reach me.

    1. Poetry groups… (shudder). I can’t even imagine. A massacre of words.

      I like that word, inorganic. Very apt. And thank you for the b-day wishes as well! 🙂

    1. Thanks! I try to keep this a dedicated poetry blog, but I waver a bit on that. I think sometimes a reader can find a greater connection with a writer if they have a sense of knowing something more about the writer. But on the other hand, I don’t want this to become a “blog” blog and inundate people with TMI.

    1. Actually I think you have a pretty successful balance between sharing and poetry. I have a friend I consider an incurable “over-sharer”… she has 3 blogs chock full of TMI. 🙂 Me? I like a little mystery.

  3. dear sarah,

    happy birthday, sorry for losing track of the day. but i pray for your well-deserved success, especially in music and poetry.

    to be counted as one of the co-sharer of this award is truly a blessing. i humbly accept this possibly highest compliment from an accomplished poet like you. i am glad that you see the merits of my literary work which i openly share for everyone.

    in return, i want you to know, that i regarded your poetry as one of the finest there is in the blogosphere. i am thankful, that your grace and passion for verses is accessible. you have reached us out and helped us do the same for others, too. thanks for being accommodating.

  4. Sarah, wishing you a very happy birthday!
    I enjoy your poetry,writing, so very much!
    Thank you, for your most kind words, my friend 🙂
    All the Best!
    Peace to you, and yours

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