a winter life

I have not
dusted them away
those days
like daffodils in December
they lie quietly
below snowy crusts
nestled deep down
in the dormant dark
beneath sparrows’
flittering feet
whose beaks seek out
the forgotten seeds
of some summer
come the day
when I am old
and remembering perhaps
what spring once was
with a clarity of mind
only long years
can provide
I will brush aside
the snow
sweep away
the layers of leaves
and dried-up weeds
time has piled
upon us
and coax the days
into greening
once more

© Sarah Whiteley


  1. Memories. Best not to dust them away.
    I’ve now read this poem four times (I have your blog in my feed reader as well as subscribed via wordpress!)



  2. “a clarity of mind
    only long years
    can provide”

    I hope the long years are soon to show this clarity of which you speak…
    oh, the humanity (of self-deprecation) 🙂

    No, I love this poem – just riding the crest of a coffee wave right now!



    1. Coffee crests are fun to ride. I ride one to work every day. 🙂

      Maybe the clarity of mind is just wishful thinking on my part… guess I’ll find out eventually. Ha!



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