tied to sky – the blog

I’ve toyed with art in various forms for nearly as long as I can remember. I am quite decidedly an amateur but that’s never stopped me from embracing the intense satisfaction I get when I put pick up that brush, or that pencil, or whatever the tool-of-the-moment may be. In the past few years I’ve woefully neglected my artistic inclinations and as it’s on my “List” of the things I miss most about myself, I feel an important piece of my self-reclamation has been missing thus far.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m terribly undisciplined. I work best in “fits and starts” with long periods of dormancy falling between periods of profuse productivity. I prefer to think of it as having “seasons”… I bud (my period of pondering), I bloom (when most of my work is done), the petals fall but my leaves turn beautiful hues (when my work slows, but I produce some of my best), and then the dormancy (as if my brain and focus needs the rest). One of these cycles may cover a period of weeks, or it may encompass years. But this is the best way I know to describe how I work – or have worked in the past.

So how do I become slightly more disciplined? How do I encourage myself into longer periods of my artistic “spring” and “autumn”? Ebbtide has certainly helped me in that respect with my poetry and so it stands to reason that a separate blog would do the same (eventually) for my art. Right? I’ve been pondering this for a while and I’ve decided to give it a shot. I can’t promise I’ll be prolific, or anything other than the amateur that I am. But I can promise that what I do, I’ll do with enthusiasm and that great euphoric satisfaction that comes with delving into imagery once more.

I’m still figuring out the particular theme I’ve chosen (links, pages, etc.) so forgive the mess while I get things settled into their proper places. But here it is –

    tied to sky


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