mermaid hair

you have mermaid hair,
as he pours my coffee
and the scent of salt and sea
surprises earthy café
as if just now
I recall the slide
into the quiet cool beneath
the languid lying
amidst the silver flashes
of fishes, the surge and sway
of sea and kelp and calm
the forgotten fins
and hidden dens
in the deepest corners
of deep blue bays
I feel the float
and drift
and the measure
of time in the tides
just as surely
as if I’d never
slipped to shore

© Sarah Whiteley


    1. Aww… I think I like the mermaid comparison. It ties with the time I was called “Pre-Raphaelite”. And blows the “fat Nicole Kidman” comparison out of the water. 🙂

      I always think of yours as Miranda’s looks in that Waterhouse painting. Caught up in the wind and swirling in front of your face, all wispy and mystical – probably because of your little photo on your site!



  1. dear sarah,

    the imagery is divine to behold, the sea, the fishes, the tides and all marine elements combined. you are a mermaid in your verses, actually. you never fail to enchant.



    1. you’re sweet… I have so many enchanting things in my head sometimes and all I want to do is transcribe some of that to paper… so if I’ve succeeded even a little, that makes me very happy indeed 🙂



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