Well I survived the deadlines (big sigh of relief)… albeit with a greater understanding of just why they are called deadlines. But here I am, back again. And even if I am a bit ruffled around the edges, I am so excited and ready to delve into the 6+ weeks’ worth of reading I missed! And of course, the brain is abuzz with ideas of my own that are just vying to spill out onto paper at some point soon. Meanwhile, I’ll be making the rounds of my favorites and playing catch-up. Cheers!



  1. yayyyyyyyyyyy i had such a special surprise in my inbox when i came out of a meeting all drained at the end of a long day. you are back! so glad! i missed you. now write!



    1. awww,… thanks! I just finished reading through everything I’ve missed on your site, so I apologize for the sudden profusion of comments over there… I still can’t get over that snitch cake – I wants one!



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