here is where I begin to feel
all the familiar airs
that rush of woodsy musk
the heady hint of rum
they’ve assembled
here at thin wrists
and between breasts
to intermingle with thrums
low hums of pulse points
with infectious restlessness
and I am left as emerald-breasted
as ruby-throated as the hummingbird
we caught only glimpses of
amid the summer quince

© Sarah Whiteley


  1. I haven’t visited your page for ages but I’m glad I popped back today.
    You have clearly worked this piece, internal rhyme and use of parallelism adds such a depth to clear description that one can’t fail to pick up on the poetic voice’s mood. I particularly like how the sibilance ties the heat of the words with a hushed cooling, hissing thread. Very nicely done.



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