letters to _____ – vi

you should hear then
how I would want
these last words
to be let loose
like jewel-green beetles
to race the hastening day
to scatter scuttling
this final evidence
to your distant ears
love, I rise asunder
each day that wakes
upon your absence
though I am ever
there beside you
for I cannot pull
your breath from mine
nor my love
from the hands
that rightly hold it

© Sarah Whiteley


    1. And what is it you think I should stop? Writing? Breathing? Exploring my creativity? You may say “stop” all you like, but the truth is you wouldn’t read this if you didn’t wonder about me… and you wouldn’t feel compelled to leave your mark if you didn’t want me to know on some level you wonder about me.

      I’m sorry if doing something that makes me happy makes you uncomfortable on some level. But stop is not an option. This is me. And occasionally I have the ability to put something beautiful out into the world. You might try it sometime.



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