do not disregard the stars

in standing with our small funerals
the susurrus of our losses
soughing about our feet
do not disregard the stars
nor the soft shine of upturned leaf
they are as much an affirmation
of the loves that travel with us
as are the scars that are left
when we set them free
let there be some comfort
that the passing constellations
shine as brightly when they die
as they did when we only imagined
them to be alive

– for Ludwig, who left us to join his friend this morning –

© Sarah Whiteley


    1. I know if wasn’t all that long ago that you lost your little dog… they’re such wonderful, vibrant little souls and we’re all a little better for having known them. Thanks, Kathleen – means a lot.



  1. Oh dear … I’ve been reading other pieces on your two blogs and have only just come to this … very sad … not at all an easy time for you … but these lines are a tender expression of love and loss .



    1. That’s sweet, Kathleen! I’m just laying low for a little while until I feel a bit more centered than I have been feeling lately. I’m getting there, I think. 🙂



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