a few dried blooms

I have reconciled myself to much lately
perhaps too much so
and now the hydrangeas
have lost their azure
bleached to bone-papered petals
kissed too closely by the sun
come fall I would have picked
bloom by bloom the dusky blues
and purples from their globes
as they dried for a bit of color
to scatter across the table
but today the possibility
vanished into dry disappointment
if I could just instead pluck
a few small pieces from the sky
of that certain blue with the gold-tinged
hue of days’ slow slide into early autumn
I would not so mind the loss
of a few dried blooms

© Sarah Whiteley


    1. many thanks for your kind comment – I believe whole-heartedly that immense beauty can be found in the smallest things if we just take the time to be still enough to let it find us 🙂



  1. This one takes me away from my world, and I like the beautiful and rather melancholy trip. The sun here has a “somewhat” different relationship to leaves and plants so often. I enjoy your poetry about a more gentle late summer evolving into autumn…



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