it is a sparse sort of day
of struggling light
and freezing hours and hands
that can’t ward away
the numb from stiff fingers
the crows are quibbling
over something fallen
in the street beneath
the lamp post where in
twos and fives they’ve
taken to diving at it
and at each other
quarrelsome in the weak
late afternoon light
best to remain inside
with the kettle on
and feet swathed in
double pairs of
defiant-colored socks

© Sarah Whiteley

Is it too soon to be wishing for spring? I found myself looking forward to cherry blossoms already yesterday.


    1. I don’t think you could get much more defiant than orange and purple argyle. Glad to know my feet aren’t the only ones thumbing their noses at gray socks. (Can feet thumb their noses?)



  1. I love the way you build this up, Sarah. It’s not one of those crisp and beautiful winter scenes. There’s a struggling light, the wretched cold, and some unpleasantness that the crows are up to (not divulged – perfect touch!) – all leading to that comforting conclusion: better stay inside, with those outrageous socks. Glorious!
    And the lines flow so well too. I guess I miss the punctuation … but so what, it’s never a problem, and the lines flow along with the quiet mood.



    1. I’m beginning to think we ought to start an outrageous socks brigade, spreading colorful defiance via footwear.

      Sometimes the urge for punctuation hits me. Sometimes I hit it back and say “begone!” However, I am now feeling impish and feel the need to go play around with commas and dashes and puckish parenthesis. Thanks for the nudge! 🙂



  2. What about a pair of Possy Wellies (positive wellington boots for the uninitiated) to go with the defiant socks?

    Wearing them means you can walk through the sh*t without any of it sticking!!!




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