thief and begger

darn crow stole my lighter
– my only one –
and tossed it into the bushes!

now bobbing head and ingratiating
croons his desire for treats
– the black-feathered cheek! –

but for the next hour, I watch
him tuck them carefully beneath stones,
treats now, treasure later

© Sarah Whiteley

I figure it’s about time for a crow update. Head on over if you’re curious about the cheeky little things…


  1. My friend began feeding a raven last fall. Now she has 15 and they are very demanding. She used to speak so wonderously about the ravens but these days she is not as enthusiastic. She is busy cleaning off her deck removing the bird poop and seed hulls. She goes to the butcher and asks for the fat that is to be thrown out. “Give me all you got!” I still love them, but mine live in the woods.



    1. fat from the butcher! now that’s spoiling! these guys get cheap dog treats

      can’t imagine having 15 ravens following me down the street – that would create quite the stir I think



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