so many bumblebees,
the locust flowers
tremble in delight –
my window is open
wide to wonder!

© Sarah Whiteley

I do love the locust tree outside my window. The flowers are just beginning to fade and fall, but it’s still abuzz with fat little bumblebees all day and in the evening the Anna’s hummingbirds come for their share of the sweet. So fun to watch them! To top it all off, there’s a squirrel nest in the tree and near dusk, the whole family of them scampers past along the power line on their way home. Lucky, lucky, lucky me.

If you haven’t seen the crow news lately – go and check it out! Exciting stuff happening!


  1. Sounds like something from a fairytale, for a girl from Oz…..we don’t have such ‘critters’ here! x I also received my copy of “No Direction But Home”…just wonderful Sarah,,,,,congratulations! x



  2. I have never seen a locust tree, nor a humming bird for that matter.
    But I do have squirrels who run along the fence outside my window every day.
    And I wish I could see more bumblebees – they are declining in this country.

    A delight of a poem Sarah




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