tallying the day’s efforts – #2 (the strained back edition)

for two and a half days
a perfect view of pine and sky

now into the third day
spent mostly in bed

ouch has become
an accessory to moving

realized not much
rhymes with ibuprofen

thankful I’m not usually
the rhyming sort

quit counting ceiling cracks
it’ll fall when it falls

still manage to be enchanted
by the junco in the locust leaves

the crows peered in
from the power line once

come out, come out,
two-legs with treats!

the dogs hang back
to keep pace with me

blessings walk with four legs
and have wagging wails

they still stare,
with park in their eyes

three flights of stairs
are suddenly epic

cue internal applause
when I reach the bottom/top

wonder if Hercules
needed analgesics

back to bed again
same damn pine and sky

© Sarah Whiteley

No worries – I am slowly improving. And the dogs have been lovely, though I can see they’re longing for their regular romp in the park. Poor things. I think we’ll all be happy when things get back to normal around here. In the meantime, thank goodness for plenty of books and streaming Netflix.


  1. wish I could pop in and take the beasties out for a long walk, have a spot of tea with Sorrow and Mirth, bring you a bouquet of dill and gerber daisies and a big bowl of enchilada soup with fresh peaches for dessert – hugs -take care – K



    1. bad wordpress!

      I am no longer a flaming geyser of pain. Which means I can walk now without wanting to cry but still hurt like the dickens. Slowly improving – I’ll get there! Just no Greco-Roman wrestling anytime soon. 😉



  2. By now I’m assuming you’re feeling much better, Sarah, and I hope so! Great poem and I can relate to your dogs wanting “normalcy.” Anytime I’m sick, my family pitches in, but it’s not the same without “mom!” xx



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