escaping spiders

one by one the moths
find their way into the building,
lose themselves in high corners
and dingy stairwells

cupping my hands I
usher what few I can off
the fire escape, blowing them
to whatever dusty fate is theirs

but more often find stilled
wings, unmoving corpses along
the baseboards beneath
the hallway lights

I think they know there’s
no moon here, but flock
to false incandescence for scant
safety in a poor substitute

but how else
does one escape the spiders?

© Sarah Whiteley


  1. This is such a teasing poem. It’s about spiders. No it’s not it’s about moths. Oh no it’s about spiders after all. Or is it about something else altogether?!
    Your book arrived yesterday by the way Sarah and I have started reading it with great pleasure.



  2. I’ve been trying to escape the giant spiders I’ve been getting in my apartment. They are huge, fast, and they have enormous fangs. Sorry, the spiders are giving me PTSD lol. I like the poem though.



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