peaceful gravities

this morning I startled
the sudden green flit
of a hummingbird
beak-deep in the hyacinth,
just as I and the morning
rounded the corner
at Republican and 18th

all things, it seems,
have their individual gravities
with a varying pull between –
and mine is perhaps now
an easier peace due to
the gravity of me with you
underneath the cherry trees

© Sarah Whiteley

I always feel a little special when I see hummingbirds, so this morning it was a nice treat to stumble across the little green fellow in the spring flowers. I was able to head into work a little later than usual today, so got to actually enjoy a little morning light and wildlife. And of course the crows were thrilled I remembered to bring breakfast. One hopped after me like a stray dog begging for more, so much so that a man walking in the opposite direction turned around and stared at me and my little corvid companion for a full block.

One tax deadline is done as of last night. One more spring deadline to go. I plan on catching up on my blog reading this week and weekend – looking forward to it! And after April 15th, there will be a nice little pair of announcements – one a big life transition, and the other just plain old fun!

Be well, my friends!


  1. Loved you and the morning rounding the corner and the gravity of things – what a perfectly lovely piece of writing for early spring, Sarah. Would have loved to have seen the man’s face as he watched your feathered entourage. Looking forward to hearing your news! – smiles – K



    1. the crows are such a normal part of my walks that I sometimes forget how strange it must look to other people – until we startle someone anyway 🙂

      happy spring, Kathleen! 🙂



    1. you’re probably right, Charles – pretty little things, though they always seem so fragile to me I’ve seen them chase off crows and jays rather fiercely!



  2. just as I and the morning
    rounded the corner

    sometimes the most beautiful surprises are to be found around the corner .
    You found yours 🙂
    lovely, sheer lovely poem.



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