6:57 AM and light’s early overture
has warmed the cherry petals just enough
that the faintest scent of sweet emerges

maybe it’s more than just scribbling poets
who note these moments and mark the time,
mentally ticking off the mileposts to restoration

but this morning’s note is more than that –
today’s surfacing defines a full ten years,
and the cherry trees have bloomed to remind me

when my bus crosses John Street, I lose it –
cry quietly against the window at sunlight
pushing obdurately through the newest leaves

but by tiny degrees, I still find comfort
in the indomitable certainty that gently-scented,
spring will always return where you cannot

© Sarah Whiteley

A little sad today – marking the 10-year anniversary of losing my little brother. Don’t think I made a complete fool of myself on the bus – at least I hope not. I do find the cherry trees comforting. The bloom does go on.

On a side note, I do not recommend beginning spring by simultaneously breaking your toe and ripping the toenail off. Can we say ouch?! Yes,… yes we can. With a few other choice four-letter words thrown in for good measure!


  1. Those mileposts will get you every time….tears always ready and waiting….glad you had the comfort of cherry blossoms…..( and what in
    Sam hill were you doing that you should rip off a toenail?)



    1. I kicked something that ought not to have been kicked yesterday morning (accidentally of course). I think the resultant yell roused the rest of the building. A bit hobbled, but I guess I had an excuse now to slow down and smell the flowers!



  2. The trigger for such memories can be almost anything…I hope the love and joy you felt for and with your little brother will help you through such dasy…peace be with you.



  3. Oh, I’m so sorry for your loss–anniversaries can be tough. And the toe thing–my nail is still growing back from a similar incident. One more thing–I’ve cried on the bus lots of times….



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