a truth-teller follows me,
skating from tree to tree

this morning his black
is ruffled by a stiff wind

and his message is more
raucous perhaps as a result

but even on quiet days
it is much the same

but one morning, he’ll cry
“a-ha! a-ha!”

when he sees that I
finally get it

© Sarah Whiteley

Has it been a while since I’ve given a crow update? It has! There are signs that Coyote and his mate are nesting, but it’s not in the same spot as last year’s nest. Knock-Knock (last year’s offspring) has made himself scarce again lately – no doubt exploring the world. Coyote seems to have accepted the boyfriend and has even approached him when I’m not there once or twice.

The relationship between Coyote and Freyja-dog is an interesting one lately. Freyja knows not to chase the crows (but will chase pigeons!) and I think the crows have learned this. But lately Freyja has wanted to play with Coyote and engages in the typical doggy play invitation stances when she sees him. A couple of times, Coyote has crouched and hopped closer and then away as if teasing her. Crows are completely capable of play and I’m halfway wondering if he’s recognizing that’s what my odd little dog wants to do.

Had a lovely (albeit very breezy) breakfast on the side porch yesterday morning with Coyote for company. I managed to capture a video on the tablet of him asking for treats. About midway through, we get interrupted by a neighbor (who gave me very odd looks for clucking at a crow) and I had to pause until he went away, but you can see Coyote get anxious.

Anyway, here’s Coyote wanting his treats:


  1. Oh my goodness – loved seeing Coyote breakfasting with you – very cool! Will be quite the sight when Freyja and the crows begin to play together – now that will be a great video!
    Wonderful poem too, my friend – have a lovely week – K



  2. Why do people think it’s odd to talk to birds and beasts, and to listen to what they say? Yesterday a lovely doe wandered through my back yard on her way to the nearby Androscoggin river, but she didn’t say anything…nor did I, for fear of frightening her. Deer, unlike crows,cats, and dogs, are the strong silent type. A very sweet poem, Sarah, and I loved the video!



    1. oooh – my mom gets them in her backyard every now and then, but it’s been a good four years now since I’ve seen a doe – it amazes me how such a large animal can move so delicately – lucky you!

      and why IS there a stigma to talking to the animals? so many cultures have animal myths and beliefs – somehow so many have lost sight of their importance – glad you’re of like mind in speaking and listening to the beasties



  3. I love to read about your crows, Sarah. Just the same as the ravens only smaller. Nice video. It’s time for me to paint a raven/crow. We are having violent Santa Ana winds on the mountain today so there will be no sign of these ebony feathered friends.



    1. would love to see another crow/raven painting from you! 🙂

      we had strong winds over the weekend, but nothing like a Santa Ana I’m sure… the crows were wind surfing Sunday morning though by the end of the day they seemed a bit sick of it and just huddled down on the power line



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