the uninvited

for once my crows
(my noisome watchers)
ignore the shrill complaints
of a wheeling gull
and crouch instead
on snow-tipped branches,
giving way to the whims
of a relentless wind

I’d invite them in
(my boot-blacked friends)
but they’d tease the dogs,
pluck my bright beads
from the lighted tree
and delightedly unwind
every blessed color
in the overflow of yarn

instead I stay ensconced
in dog-warmed blankets
and startlingly bright socks
and watch them accusingly
hunched in what I imagine
is a crowish glare
willing the chill of winter
through my windows

© Sarah Whiteley

The poor crows! It’s bright and beautiful outside at the moment, but it snowed overnight and there’s a very insistent wind out there with a decidedly arctic chill to it. I was swamped by all 5 of Coyote’s family this morning on my walk and I was sure to give them plenty of treats. I think Freyja was a little offended when the father across the street said “look at the birds!” to his little daughter instead of the usual “look at the doggie in the pretty sweater!”

Today is the perfect sort of day for hot chocolate and my largest knitting project on my lap. From where I sit, I can see the crows coming and going, stopping outside my window to see where the rest of their treats are.


  1. Dirty looks from crows could prove most disconcerting!

    You’ve reminded me how nice it is, in winter, to have a knitting project on one’s lap. There’s an alpaca farm, not far from me, called Good Karma Farm…they spin and dye their own beautifully soft alpaca yarn….now all I need is the oomph to find where I put my knitting needles when I moved, and get started… 🙂



    1. when I lived in the country, I had neighbors with alpacas – they’d send the fiber away for spinning, but it was so lovely and soft! loved watching the alpacas – some of them were such characters 🙂

      beware the moths though – I’ve just pulled out my winter scarves to discover the moths have eaten a few sizable holes in my alpaca scarf – and here I thought my storage was airtight!



  2. Oh no! Do we have to go back to mothballs? Speaking of going back…I’ve learned that it is contraindicated to knit alpaca caps for young families that have no patience for “hand-wash, and dry flat”….



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