this is where I begin to feel
the pull of other roads
and if I lose you in the unwinding –
still, it is better than
the knots of not leaving

there is a necessity now
to disentanglement
and that yellow blaze
down the middle is not
the regret we expect –

but only the way forward

© Sarah Whiteley


  1. AH yes, relationships. Once again you set my cogs whirring, for which thanks.


    Plying one another with youth
    This prattle of inconsequence
    Hucksters, twitching to and fro
    Reinstigating further dialogues
    Now you seem me, now you …

    … scramble for stable geolocation in an
    Imaginary empyreal fractal geometry
    Recall now all those fell off the map
    Who never quite made the grade
    Who never ran the full course

    Languishing yet in one’s mind’s eye

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