assembling the fire

remember afternoon sun cures morning’s
damper specimens

for a bigger blaze, find an ally
to help gather

wet pieces can also be cured
by sharing laughter

but only if you share laughter
long enough

some pieces show more promise
than others

but do not discard dry grasses
as useless

recall that these encourage
a better burn

as with anything in life,
start small

and be wary of smothering,
when adding more

be mindful where you place
the most weight

and if you find that your fire
is faltering,

return to the simple honesty
of grasses

when all finally burns bright
beneath the dark,

sit beside the most kindred mind
you can find,

share the amiable heat of your labor,
and pause

to remark upon the enormousness
of the sky

© Sarah Whiteley


6 thoughts on “assembling the fire

      1. You’re welcome! (I keep wondering if our paths ever crossed in Seattle area poetry circles. There were a couple of groups that gave live readings all over the place… But that was awhile back.)

        1. You never know! It’s been a while since I’ve been out and about in that regard. We might just have to have a coffee and a chat one of these days.

          1. I’d enjoy that! Except that we just moved 130 miles south, after a lifetime up there. If you’re ever in the Longview area though…! Your poetry is outstanding and I’m glad to have found you here, at least.

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