that the mountain is

I am not much at peace these days

nothing sleeps, not even
the stone of the mountain,

though I find I can slow my heart
the nearer I am to its sky-graced peak

to be alone here is to be still
from the rigors of survival

and for a while, it is enough
that I am I, that the mountain is,

and that we can be awake
in this place together

© Sarah Whiteley

Today I hiked 6 miles through the woods to find some small, momentary peace. The snow (and at times sleet) made it all the more peaceful and I spent several minutes just breathing it all in above the valley. It was just me, the birds, all the forms that water takes, and one lone coyote who left his tracks across the trail. It could not have been more perfect.


  1. I loved those lines Sarah and found myself wondering whether you wrote them while walking or later ‘recollected in tranquility’. I would have been piecing them together while walking.



    1. I did actually write this on the hike. Most of it came to me when I stopped on a ridge to look out over the valley and the snowy peaks. And then I carried it home with me for a little bit of polishing. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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  2. Lovely words, and I can relate, Sarah. Being in the wilderness, among the majestic mountains brings a peace like no other. I experienced backpacking for the first time last summer with my husband (in the sierras). What an experience! I enjoyed it so much that we’re going again this summer. Have a wonderful week.
    ~Lauren 🌷

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