hiking near the Pacific Crest Trail

thirty-two water crossings
and just shy of ten miles

later, I might discover
a jealousy of this stone

but for now I am here and
its perspective is mine –

yes, it is possible to be
both cold and cradled

for exhilaration to rise
from old bones and leaf mold

I am more I, more in
while I am without

it is life that kisses me
through creek-wet feet

© Sarah Whiteley


  1. I was just describing to another blogger my memories of snowshoeing to neighbors along the lake in Maine on Christmas eve, x/c skiing with glittering snow piled in banks on either side of seldom used railroad tracks. I knew firsthand then how it was possible to be both bitter cold and cradled as the warm glow of lights from cabins struck contrast to the billion stars winking in the pitch black sky overhead. Enjoy your winter! Aloha

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