finch talk

the finches had much
to say today –
about the dampness
of the day,
the amount of seed
remaining on the sill,
the early dark and
the lateness of light

winter prattlings,
cold weather natterings –
so different from
the ardent liltings
they will trade
between the buds
in the spring,
but enjoyable
to ears all the same

© Sarah Whiteley

My apologies for my absence lately. Some large projects have been keeping me rather busy which means that finding time and mental space to write has been difficult to say the least. Unfortunately, reading the blogs I subscribe to has also fallen by the wayside recently. Of course, not having internet at home since before the holidays has complicated the issue. However, that particular problem should (fingers crossed) be rectified this weekend and I will hopefully be able to start catching up on my reading and my writing soon.

My best friend and I have a hiking motto, birthed during our first adventure together through three miles of calf deep mud and down a hundred foot cliff (one of us with only one working hand at the time). That motto is “straight through the middle!” Meaning that sometimes the only way to get to where you are going is to keep moving forward. In news of the major life adventure variety, I am making arrangements to leave Seattle after many, many years and relocate to Colorado in March. The Universe has basically been yelling at me for a while now that It Is Time! So with much nervousness (and much exhilaration), I’m holding myself to that motto.

I will miss my quirky crows, my beloved Cascade Mountains, all those rainy hikes, porch beers with neighbors, and of course my best friend. But there is also so much that I am looking forward to: new hikes, new neighbors, new adventures, and finding new inspiration all around. So if I start writing about changes and leavings and whole families of dust bunnies found while cleaning out closets, you all will know why.

With much love and gratitude,


    1. 🙂 Thank you! I’m assuming the crows in Colorado will have heard about the wild haired treat lady through the grapevine and I’ll soon have a cadre of black-feathered followers.



  1. Beautiful poem!
    I made a cross-country move in 1969 (Texas to Florida) and then in 1986 (Florida to Texas) … first move was simple, as I was single with few belongings; second move? I have sworn NEVER AGAIN … though recently my husband and I have more frequent what-if conversations (we aren’t happy with the way Austin has grown so congested, so big) … if we do ever pick up I’m sure we will find dust bunnies have been multiplying in our corners every bit as prolifically as Austin’s population. Yikes! What a task you are taking on!
    What part of Colorado?

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    1. This won’t be my first huge move, but it feels like the scariest for some reason (probably my older brain overreacting). Seattle has become so congested and expensive, it’s just not doable anymore and no longer the city I loved. I know someone in Austin who is saying the same things. You just never know where life might take you or what choices become necessities. I’ll be heading to the Colorado Springs area with all those 14’ers in my backyard to hike. 🙂

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  2. Sarah, a lovely poem! Sad you’ll be leaving Seattle but I certainly understand. It’s not the same city I once loved either (for 70 years – was born there). We moved away three years ago for the same reasons: too congested and no longer affordable. But I do still miss Puget Sound, the views, the sometimes salty air….
    You’ll have some beautiful new views in Colorado though! Best wishes for your move. Will look forward to lots more poetry when you get settled. 💗

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    1. Thank you, Betty! It was certainly a tough decision and one that was long in the making. I will definitely miss the Sound, but having friends still here (and many, many offers of places to stay), I have lots of reasons to come back for a visit every now and then. ❤

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  3. Hopefully you’re moved now and are settling in. Or, if not – soon.

    The ardent liltings are unfortunately already being traded here in the UK, with our very mild weather. Even the sudden frost that happened today and yesterday hasn’t put them off! Lovely poem, as ever.

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    1. I won’t be moving until March. In the meantime, packing, purging, and apartment hunting. At least things are progressing and change is happening! 🙂

      I heard some ardent liltings myself the other day and thought perhaps the poor thing had hit his head and was delirious. Or maybe it was just wishful thinking on his part? 🙂

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