The Fish Pond Cottage Book of Days

Where has Sarah been? Well to be honest, writing anything lately has been a bit of a challenge – and one that I’ve been a little too ready to avoid. That just didn’t feel right, so I’ve found a way to gently ease back into the writing waters. I’ve begun keeping a sort of “book of days” – 5 minutes of writing (strictly about the house, yard, garden, trees, etc.) and a 5 minute sketch with my watercolor pencils and ink. It’s just a simple way to mark the days in this new space of mine (and keep writing at least something) until I am ready to dive back into poetry.

I will share a few of my Fish Pond Cottage Book of Days entries here and there in between catching up with the many, many writing blogs I’ve neglected recently. I look forward to reading what I’ve missed!

Keep safe! ❤


    1. It’s possible it might have been a damselfly. Have just seen the one and it didn’t stick around. I wonder if the dragonflies would eat it – they are rather voracious insect eaters.

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    1. I only dabble at sketching – I never really had the discipline to be an artist. 🙂 I have moved – out of the city, but not as far as Colorado. I had a rather dramatic exit from my apartment in Seattle and found a little manufactured home in Kent at the very last minute. So I’m here for the time being at least and much more comfortable in my new surroundings! 🙂 I hope you’re doing well!

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      1. Glad you’re still in the area – and a tiny bit closer to where I am! 🙂 Those manufactured homes are really nice these days. We looked at a lot of them before landing down here in a little house. Enjoy! And I hope you have lots of crows in your new neighborhood. 😊

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