this poem contains a bird

this poem contains a bird
– or perhaps two –

being circumspect things,
they perch first upon
the edge of the gutter
above my head

to survey the wood-slatted,
peeled-paint valley
of the porch below –
seed on the other side

and if I am still enough,
and if I do not move
from my hidden roost
of the door frame,

they will brave the gap
– landing in tandem –
and allow me to write them

© Sarah Whiteley


    1. We had one really bad day – I woke coughing and there was a fine layer of ash over everything and the birds were just not around. Preparing for tomorrow with a make-shift air filter. I guess we’re about to get hard with the smoke from the Oregon fires. I hope you’re doing okay down there! Keep safe! ❤



      1. Glad you have some sort of air filter. I’ve heard it’s about to get really bad tonight through Monday. My son lives in the Portland area and they’re having a hard time of it. I don’t remember anything like this here in all my many years….
        Take good care ♥️



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