my dog tells me

my dog tells me
that she is dying –
subtly, as dogs do

that this is the first
of our many lasts

that we should
go slowly now

and savor this truth,
this pained heart,
with worthy tenderness

I owe her as much,
and everything else
at least once more

we take the first
of our last walks

between the light and
lengthening shadows

wheeling toward
the end of the year
good girl!


  1. I know this scene … our 12-yr+ Labrador communicates “old lady now” over and over … less complaint than simple alert. Taking “the first of our last walks” captures the sense of end hovering I feel each time I leash her up and head out the door. Will she make it all the way back? One thing is clear: she still wants to go!

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    1. Thank you, Betty. ❤ I find myself caught between trying to make myself face the inevitable and wanting to pretend she'll be here forever. They're such blessings while we have them, and it's so hard to lose them.

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