Available Books

I am incredibly excited to announce that my second chapbook, Wandering Wonderful, is now open via Finishing Line Press.

Clicking on the cover image below will take to the Finishing Line Press site.

If you wish to purchase a signed copy of Wandering Wonderful, click on the Paypal button below.


My first chapbook, No Direction But Home, was in released in 2013 via ALL CAPS PUBLISHING and is available for purchase. (Clicking on the image below will take you to directly to the book on Amazon.)


If you wish to have a signed copy, please use the Paypal button set up below. Be sure to indicate a name for the inscription if you select this method!


Thank you to all of my readers for the support and encouragement you’ve shown me over the past 10 years. Anytime someone publishes a piece of themselves for all to see, it is a small act of bravery. And you, my friends, have been my virtual cheering squad. For that I am most humbly grateful.



  1. I looked for the reblog possibility , to reblog your book to the WP Blogger’s book announcements on my site, Sarah. But I can’t reblog this page I see. Would you be okay with it when I add your book manually to spread the word?
    groetjes, Francina



    1. Francina, that’s wonderfully sweet of you! Thank you! I would appreciate any mention you feel like giving my little book. And good luck with the drawing! 🙂



  2. Hi Sarah,

    I couldn’t remember how you had yours set up, but now that I see you used PayPal, I’ll look into it so I can send you a signed copy. Otherwise, it’s all on the other sites. I do have copies here, but I don’t have anything set up, officially, as you mentioned..I’ll let you know…thanks so much and I love your book! Thanks for being with me since the beginning of my blogging journey, too. xx



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