false hope

you were never and are not and yet then again that crumbling moment when the sun subsides and a farewell fire clings to the bellies of the clouds --you are dappled like that the glow about the edges of the end of my day though … Continue reading false hope



you steal the breeze and there is nothing stirring left to remind me what is breathing and in the dark hours the desert trembles green between the sorrows and the seams remembering the silence of trees and the between-times the brightness of uncaged stars and … Continue reading breathing

delphinium dreams

delphiniums droop, blue-winged bloomings, not a hint of flight but the feathered teasings of billowy breezes, that laughing, passed them by at night they dream, I think, of unstemmed delight - dipping slipping drinking in the troughs of silver streaking tails of untrowable stars whispering … Continue reading delphinium dreams

I am night-heavy, day-laden, and tired wishing for the hesitant as petals sometimes rain from falling somehow skies in their blushing die while I ever I remain I ponder how once all the maybe universe resided in your hand and how once your hand pulsing … Continue reading