a small goodbye

did you mark how I watched, taking stealthy measure of the space (three paces) between - flinging distance - but I, too shy to chance it make this then a small goodbye though the soft twistings of your hands, fingers among fingers, twisted me unbearably … Continue reading a small goodbye


the impossibility of regret

follow the narrow rain-coursings, the leavetaking tracks of drops that have fallen and rushing run off, down, run away from or toward bearings unknown and unasked - try to draw them back, the wanderers, as if they never escaping had not dispersed with the best … Continue reading the impossibility of regret


soft now and you unknowing in rings of green I will string you and like a child in dandelions bedecked I will drape here the cool bloom of you where my fingers may twine and trail restless in the loops of your hair © Sarah … Continue reading *

the skin of me

together, we break, and impossibly apart we are impossible parts without reason without schema without breath to break upon tinkering fingers though you will remain the skin of me and my heart the failed invention of your hands © Sarah Whiteley


Well I survived the deadlines (big sigh of relief)... albeit with a greater understanding of just why they are called deadlines. But here I am, back again. And even if I am a bit ruffled around the edges, I am so excited and ready to … Continue reading Back!