watching trees

for three days now I've watched the trees searching for peace between the leaves for three days now two weeping birches danced with the rain the fresh-leafed maple bent beneath the wind and a cluster of evergreens ran in dreams with the night without waking … Continue reading watching trees


mortality knocking

those unbidden moments when mortality creeps in and knocks with gray fingers peeling back the edges of life shrink not shirk not embrace the reminder each breath we expel has left us forever each breath we take in is ours for only a time but … Continue reading mortality knocking


I have never been one for taking the right sorts of chances too wrapped up in what the world thinks what the neighbors would say I forever seem to be making wrong turns down one-way streets stepping back when everyone else leans out over the … Continue reading untitled


we cast about the night in dreams unfound and not finding those things whose loss we feel the most we are all of us lost things beneath deep-ceilinged night the ashes we keep high-shelved gather dust and fade into things meant only for night-dreaming we … Continue reading missing


wayfarer without alignment no direction is misdirection one foot before the other again, again, again simply for the sake of pacing out the years no sky-map of constellations for starry guidance nor compass for pointing toward your worth wanderer without purpose no reason is unreason … Continue reading adrift


the good days Freude, are those days that schoener Goetterfunken in spite of the noise Tochter aus Elysium, the naggings wir betreten the sagging weight feuertrunken, of worry, responsibility Himmlische, the ignorance dein Heiligtum. and uncarefulness deine Zauber of others binden wieder the sometimes blatant … Continue reading Joy