here we do not have circles of stones to mark the solemnity of the passing seasons of changing times instead the crows cry ceaselessly in the cold or cackle cruelly at the dawn's watery-eyed failure to warm the crisp earthen pathways here the trees throw … Continue reading winter



for just today then let's pretend my feet have found the homeward running road weaving between heart-lands wide mind-skies just for a moment I'll imagine the weight of waiting has evaporated in the hesitant light of a newly waking sun casting my shadow before long … Continue reading untitled


already it's October and the time of the starlings black feathered masses diving madly between trees cacophonous dawning of earlier nights feather-fanned winds stirring linden leaves already lost to the gutters in damp yellow drifts of regret

summer’s end

in August the evenings pulse in insect anthems and the curled moon bows beneath the weight of summer's passing the air presses its grass-sweet breath against the earth in kisses that scorch the first verse of summer's end