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boating at night

the boat of course is metaphor though it is, undeniably, night and fingers do trail over the side, but also over stern and bow it is also true that we do move as water - that hair cascades and skin ripples but that again is … Continue reading boating at night


pearl from shadow

there is no finer promise than the uncertain light which finds you from between the blinds and casts you in bewitching blue - a hue into which my hands are driven to dive - pulling the pearl from the shadow © Sarah Whiteley

the augury

you were new as buttercups in April, silent as a spill of church-light on the grass though I felt it in my own throat - your breath and that sweet, augural hitch as I passed © Sarah Whiteley


the moon has captured me by the ankles, is crawling through me and I must burst into new surfaces this morning my hands awoke, and for the first time in years, ached to find something other than air beside them but even without the solid … Continue reading untitled


I am a bewilderment of limbs - a profusion of uncomfortable truths - and as a result, am ungainly beside you all twisted fingers and benumbed tongue but lit up inside by fireflies © Sarah Whiteley

that I was I

that I was I and you were you and want being what it is - shortening the shortest distance between two selves - with the brevity of "yes" we were quite suddenly we and with nothing but combustion in between © Sarah Whiteley