Tag: beauty

last night, the trees

last night, the trees stood up and proclaimed their poetry to one another something in the twilight inspired them, though not everyone paused to hear it but I and the day's last robin halted our respective routines to acknowledge what was clearly extraordinary © Sarah … Continue reading last night, the trees


what matter what light

what is there left to make of this diminished light? is this benediction? or a requiem rung from empty throats? what use in evading the day's extinction? it is vespers, and the cantor marks an inescapable terminus what matter what light is left to us? … Continue reading what matter what light

November morning

morning blushes when she realizes where she is and the moon still alight travels through her down the hill toward its own reflection an early crow sitting on the tip of the pine scolds them both for tarrying © Sarah Whiteley


it isn't so much that the days are tiring as it is the light is struggling to stay as earth is urged to darker arms and the calm of slow hibernation how wondrous it is that light should find a fragile respite in fiery leaves … Continue reading brighter