Tag: birds

last evening in May

the last evening in May and the dogs are still, stretched beside the window as still as the trees whose wind momentarily has no urge to prove itself the light nearly gone, still there is a lone hummingbird in the plum and two house finches … Continue reading last evening in May


I go out

I go out, and come back - to the low voices of everyday concrete saying stay, voices that are each time fainter I go out, and come back - in sun, in mist, in rain - and each time the tether is less, and closer … Continue reading I go out

April windstorm

the winds that rushed in yesterday to strip branches of their blooms flipped trash can lids, sent them spinning down the street, cast crows into chaotic aeronautics and sent all songbirds deep into their shrubbed shelters but today, they come out singing blithely tumbling between … Continue reading April windstorm