the creek

I lived once alongside the creek with its green tumblings and blue pools, where younger hands than these knew the language of the ridges in the bark of the oak that created a bridge of itself - a path to the tall grasses fanning the sky on the other side, where the small adventures of … Continue reading the creek


I was the kid who was forever bringing home strays or baby birds. Some I'd thrust upon neighbors (apparently I was hard to resist), some would hang around, and some unfortunately wouldn't make it. I stopped doing this when I hit about 12 years old. But then in high school, my friend called me with … Continue reading 2.9.2015

at Sleepy Eye

days stretched out so long, they toppled off the end of the weathered dock into the spring-fed cold at Sleepy Eye among the shadows between the pilings swam the uncatchable ghost of a walleye (suitably fish-tale-sized) someone years past had called Walter every summer we saw him jump, breaking the lake at dusk, just offshore … Continue reading at Sleepy Eye

The Embarrassment of Phileas Wensleydale Trout – Chapter 2

***If you missed Chapter 1 of Phileas, you may find it here.*** Mornings in the Trout household typically began when Mrs. Trout, in her pale blue robe with matching pale blue slippers, made her way down the hall and into the kitchen to put the kettle on.  Once the kettle was filled with water from … Continue reading The Embarrassment of Phileas Wensleydale Trout – Chapter 2


soft now and you unknowing in rings of green I will string you and like a child in dandelions bedecked I will drape here the cool bloom of you where my fingers may twine and trail restless in the loops of your hair © Sarah Whiteley


sun warm summer honey clings in slow drips to fingertips the bees pulse in reels honeysuckle drunk and leaves sleepily weave the golden hours between cicada beats seconds slow and time is measured by the gentle bend of sweet green blades and the dappled dance of maple shade © Sarah Whiteley