April windstorm

the winds that rushed in yesterday to strip branches of their blooms flipped trash can lids, sent them spinning down the street, cast crows into chaotic aeronautics and sent all songbirds deep into their shrubbed shelters but today, they come out singing blithely tumbling between trees, the sidewalks surprised by pink – awash in piles … Continue reading April windstorm

extra cinnamon

startled stranger, you may be wondering how it is that quite suddenly what very much appears to be nothing other than a slightly misshapen pumpkin (yes, take a gentle whiff) pancake has turned up, or rather fallen, onto the stiff blue wool shoulder of your winter coat it's just that the crows were hungry and … Continue reading extra cinnamon

the winter roost

the crows come again, perch within the remnants of summer - turned to rust and rue; they've come again with their own narrative, their inscrutable truths - strike their own lines against November's sky, while we try blindly (futile) to navigate stolen darknesses; fixed, and non-migratory - roosting in huddled groups for the long and … Continue reading the winter roost

uncommon company

uncommon company comes cawing -purple gracing black- knocks politely on the wood, awaits his morning snack ****Crow Update**** It's been a while since I've done one of these and perhaps it's overdue? Coyote and his mate (now called Magda) had no surviving offspring from the spring's hatch. There's really no telling what happened but I … Continue reading uncommon company


snippets from the past few days the snowdrops have been stepped on by some unwary foot - they are closer now to mud than to sky - but the crocus persists and the daffodils are showing their greening tips I had to side-step several puddles of blood on the sidewalk outside the office one morning … Continue reading 2.12.2015

the uninvited

for once my crows (my noisome watchers) ignore the shrill complaints of a wheeling gull and crouch instead on snow-tipped branches, giving way to the whims of a relentless wind I'd invite them in (my boot-blacked friends) but they'd tease the dogs, pluck my bright beads from the lighted tree and delightedly unwind every blessed … Continue reading the uninvited

quick update

My nailbeds are a lovely blueish purple right now. The building has steam radiators which are controlled from the boiler room with a timer, the timing of which is still apparently being worked out. The dogs are curled up in the bed and Angus has taken to sleeping in a ball with his tail over … Continue reading quick update


a truth-teller follows me, skating from tree to tree this morning his black is ruffled by a stiff wind and his message is more raucous perhaps as a result but even on quiet days it is much the same but one morning, he'll cry "a-ha! a-ha!" when he sees that I finally get it © … Continue reading messenger