Tag: desire

pearl from shadow

there is no finer promise
than the uncertain light
which finds you
from between the blinds
and casts you
in bewitching blue –

a hue into which my hands
are driven to dive –
pulling the pearl
from the shadow

© Sarah Whiteley

no grace in wanting

there is no grace
in true wanting –

it staggers,

and refuses
to be written –

its divinity locked
in the eyes

that yours decline
ever to meet

© Sarah Whiteley

some part of me with you

some part of me with you
is never solid

some bit never retains
its perimeter

it seethes, creates secrets
of light and shadow

the inconstant fore-edge
of a storm

some part of me with you
shimmers uncertain

seeps beyond the threshold
of thin skin

as if there were so much
of you within me

what is actually me
cannot be contained

and overflows

© Sarah Whiteley


tangled in the lines
drawn by your lips –
bursting red,
and wild as flowers

I savor the grace
of your hands –
I am as slow
as honey in them,
and as sweet

© Sarah Whiteley

otherwise occupied

I’ve discovered a trail
between the indented kiss
of your right clavicle
and the contour of your chest
that invites the dusty curl
of light from between Sunday
morning blinds – it begs
to be photographed,
but always my hands
are otherwise occupied

© Sarah Whiteley


the hesitations spring like reeds
that sway and bend at the edge of me

I have been disturbed beyond surfaces

as if the stone of your name were dropped
again and again into the heart of me

and I must swallow it whole or break

© Sarah Whiteley