I perched there - my hands, my words, undelivered, on the edge of the porch - I could not be otherwise, though you were a hand's-breadth, (a breath's-breadth) away why leap only to be denuded, disabused of what I'd only hoped your hands had meant? perhaps I've spread the interpretation of your touch ridiculously thin, … Continue reading misinterpretation


tangled in the lines drawn by your lips - bursting red, and wild as flowers I savor the grace of your hands - I am as slow as honey in them, and as sweet © Sarah Whiteley

otherwise occupied

I've discovered a trail between the indented kiss of your right clavicle and the contour of your chest that invites the dusty curl of light from between Sunday morning blinds - it begs to be photographed, but always my hands are otherwise occupied © Sarah Whiteley


the hesitations spring like reeds that sway and bend at the edge of me I have been disturbed beyond surfaces as if the stone of your name were dropped again and again into the heart of me and I must swallow it whole or break © Sarah Whiteley


the moon has captured me by the ankles, is crawling through me and I must burst into new surfaces this morning my hands awoke, and for the first time in years, ached to find something other than air beside them but even without the solid press of your arm on mine, I have found wonder … Continue reading untitled

that I was I

that I was I and you were you and want being what it is - shortening the shortest distance between two selves - with the brevity of "yes" we were quite suddenly we and with nothing but combustion in between © Sarah Whiteley


I have stumbled upon the occasion of your lips and wander wondrously betwixt - bewitched © Sarah Whiteley Just a quick note to say I'm still writing. But I've also been keeping myself busy with composing a new piece of music - I know! the first in quite some time! So if posts are tapering … Continue reading *