Tag: distance

no grace in wanting

there is no grace in true wanting - it staggers, and refuses to be written - its divinity locked in the eyes that yours decline ever to meet © Sarah Whiteley


out of time

we were, for a time, each other's clocks - the tick-ticking of our fingers apart, counting the breaths before between until - until 2 AM yearning strikes, hungry as bells on Sunday - and we unwind, reset, sweep the seconds from our faces, cheeks to … Continue reading out of time

that I was I

that I was I and you were you and want being what it is - shortening the shortest distance between two selves - with the brevity of "yes" we were quite suddenly we and with nothing but combustion in between © Sarah Whiteley


I have been gone too long from here from lulling grasses rustling keen kisses at the magnolia's feet, white petals bruised to scent, sharp and sudden as the flap of a finch flushed from beneath the boxwood the watchful eye of a sentinel moon rises … Continue reading returning


this space which you have never inhabited holds you all the same contains all the silent disquiet of your absence and the un-echoing never of where you do not stand the unwary word remains and carries your voice just as if just as if I … Continue reading elsewhere